Sicily Action S.r.l. operates in Team Building and Corporate Events organization in Sicily, as well as being a key figure for all companies that want to improve their employee’s performances, has promoted in Sicily many recreational activities, experiential learning or welfare, with the aim to strengthen the cohesion of the teams and to create a friendly work environment. Through the management of experiential learning games, sports, cultural, artistic or creative, many values can be highlighted. Our team building programs helps to improve stress management, cohesion and team spirit. The knowledge of others and their needs, the team cohesion and solidarity among employees can be strengthened through our team building programs.

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Sicily Action Srl

Incoming Tour Operator
Via Roma, 114
95037, San Giovanni La Punta (CT)
Tel. +39 0958998743
VAT: IT05304190878
REA: CT-357256
E-Mail: [email protected]

Autorizzazione Regione Sicilia
Assessorato turismo, sport e spettacolo
Licenza D.D.S. n° 3451S7
Liability insurance:
Nr.: 78898681